Creating our home.

Spring is arriving – my favorite time of year. Now that most of our remodel is done, we are taking things slow. We have really been, flat out, just enjoying our home. Many of you have asked us to post pics of the rest of our house. Well, only the front living areas and kitchen are done, but stay tuned! Hopefully I will have photos of our guest bath and Jed’s study to post in the next month or two. The main problem is I think my mind has run out of creative visions for the time being. I was on decorating over-load for a while. Andrew B. Wallace, our fabulous GC keeps asking me about mirrors, lighting, & tile for the bathroom……my stock answer continues to be “I don’t know yet.” We have long way to go with the exterior and landscape too. Maybe we can take baby steps on this when summer begins.  We always love our outdoor projects together in the summer :).


For this front living area, I still need a floor lamp, curtains, plus the “just right” ceiling light, that I have yet to find. Once these three things are found, room done.







In our TV room, I am still trying to decide what to do with the wall the TV is on. Should I do sconces on either side of the TV on the wall, or do a floor lamp on either side?
I guess I will know when I see the right thing.

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