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We cooked this weekend!

After three months without a kitchen, Jed cooked last night (I watched and had a margarita :)) and this morning. Thank you Andrew (our fabulous GC!)! All the appliances were installed, the dining chandelier, along with the Espresso Quartz counter tops that we love! It was a crazy week of little mishaps….faucet valves leak (need to replace all this next week), electrical workers delayed, counter tops were slightly cut to big so stove did not fit, etc. But, thanks to Andrew, it all was completed by Friday night. We still have all the decorative details to finish: tile back splash, pendant lights, cabinet hardware, refrigerator panels, trim, paint, etc. I was off work all week to help get things moved in and moving. I think Andrew knew if Jed and I had to spend one more weekend without a kitchen, we may lose our mind and patience. Anyway, he made it happen! Check out all the progress made this week. Hopefully my next post will be a complete kitchen photo, then the bathroom that may be another month due to the back-ordered tile floor.

Here is Andrew trying to get things finished for us! Thank you!

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