New Electric and Plumbing!

Very exciting – we have all new electric wiring and plumbing in the house, along with inspection cleared! We are very excited, plus our house is much more safe. As I have written before, our house was not up to code on the electric. We had to add all new panels and change over everything, which we knew when we bought the house. See the photos below. The empty red box on the left was the original wiring (not safe) from the 1930’s. Anyway, next week we can start getting the walls up and floors in place. It may start to look like a house soon. I will keep you posted!

P.S. Our home phone is still out (waiting on AT&T for the 3rd time!), however, they did get our DSL working so we can work on the computer :).

Here is a photo of the kitchen and guest bath with the new plumbing and electric added. What a mess!

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