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I needed some visual inspiration today. Just an update on our house remodel, we are back to step one. The set of architect plans we have been working off of for three months will now not work. The cost to just add and move all the new plumbing/electrical is over $25.0k, just for (what we call) “PHASE 1”. OUCH. The total remodel for PHASE 1 came in at almost $97.0k (this did not even include the two new bathrooms for Phase Two)! Jed and I, along with Andrew calculated we would never get our money back on such an extensive remodel without adding additional square feet. Jed and I decided to start over and work off of our original house plans from the beginning, keeping the kitchen and all bathrooms in the same location. It will be great once we can just make the final decisions. We bought our house based off remodeling everything in the same location so I know staying with our original plan is the best decision, just a bumming knowing how big our kitchen “could” have been, but oh well. We still love our home. 🙂 Enjoy the below photos!


The “before” kitchen

Here are the photos of our kitchen now. Ugggg. We can’t wait to tear this all out! Behind the wall where the refrigerator used to be, is a bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom will become ALL KITCHEN! Basically, where the bathroom sink is now (which you can’t see in these photos), our new stove will be in that spot. Stay tuned……..I will post more “before” photos as the demo begins. xoxo Traci


More great kitchens

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Inspirational Kitchens

Just a quick house update. Andrew Wallace, our General Contractor, is now back in town. We are meeting with him this week to review all the final costs, plus a “demo” start date. Hopefully the demo will start soon. Jed and I still have a lot of stuff to move out of the kitchen and one bathroom. As soon as we get this complete this week, I will post “BEFORE” home photos. In the meantime, here are some kitchens we love that we are using as inspiration for our new kitchen.


Interesting objects for your walls

Clothespin Wall hook from Chiasso

Cool light switches from Red Dot

Silver light switch from Red Dot

I noticed these light switches in a magazine from many years ago. They are meant to be an outdoor, weatherproof light switch, but I love them for indoors. I was finally able to find the manufacturer after many days of searching, along with Jed’s help. He is the master of search engines on the web!

Hand door knocker

Louis XVI door knocker

I love door knockers! I saw this one in a magazine a long time ago, then found one at The Old Home Supply House on College Avenue. They have tons of great vintage door knockers, handles, knobs, etc. at a wonderful price.  If you want the brand new one from above photo, check out E R Butler.


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